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PRESS RELEASE -For Immediate Release

Larry Orrell has been a success in Gospel music for over 30 years.  Hiss father was one of the great promoters of Gospel music in the late 50’s and 60’s.  Coming from such great and humble beginnings, Larry worked his way up the corporate ladder to be one of the most recognized musicians in his field today.

When he was a boy his father took him to Pennsylvania to secure an auditorium for a Gospel concert.  When they arrived at the vast hall there was a meeting already in progress.  As Larry was backstage with his father, they saw a great lady standing on the other side of the stage.  Larry says, “She was standing there in a long white dress.  She crossed over to where we were standing and pointed her finger at me and said, “There is an anointing on you.  You will be peculiar and you will pay a price.”  Little did Larry know then, the lady was none other than, Kathryn Kuhlman.

After many years of what he thought was a lifetime of ministry, God finally got his attention.  He’d had a very successful career in Gospel music, but God had something different planned for his future and it took 30 years before God revealed His true plan.

In 2000, while attending Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) with Kim Clement, one of America’s foremost and gifted men of God, Clement spoke these prophetic words over Larry.  “The Spirit of the Lord says,  ….I am going to give you everything I showed you when you were a boy and at age 20.  The devil stole it away from you.  In the next 20 years of your life you will break open the very forces that took away from you home, and took away from your life.”

Larry had gone through one of the biggest changes in a man’s life, excepting his true assignment from God.  He is now one of the most highly recognized evangelists in America and through his meetings in churches and conferences; many lives have been changed not only in America but Italy and Switzerland as well.  Pastors with broken hearts have been healed, families restored and many physical healings including Cancer.

“Certainly God has given you insight to seize an opportunity that will result in the building of His Kingdom.”
Thomas E. Trask – The General Council of the Assemblies of God

“He has chord progressions that have rarely been heard!”
M. Wayne Benson – Emerge Ministries

“I enjoyed the smooth and anointed ministry of your latest tape on the way home. I know others are appreciating this “gentle touch” as much as I.”
Robert H. Spence – Evangel College

“He has an international ministry and is much in demand.”
Don Butler – Gospel Music Association

“Your spirit was still there in the room and as usual, Gloria expressed it much better than I could.”
Bill Gaither

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