A Word From Larry


I am so blessed to be a part of His plan.

The past assignment in Italy/Sicily was one of greatness and the power of God moving in every service. The start was Cassana d’Adda with Pastore Delle Donne, he allowed the Holy Spirit to take control of the meeting and it was so easy to move prophetically and to speak God’s heart in these meetings.
I was invited back to minister at his anniversary service on October 18.

I then ministered at Segrate with Pastore Dalle Crode on Sabath Morning and once gain the presence of the Lord was so real. I left Segrate hoping to make my service in Livourno with Pastore Dante Bernaducci who has a vibrant Cheisa in the port city that is full of life and young people that are seeking the Kingdom of God. Two services were full of miracles and fresh anointing.
I then flew to Bari from Milano and ministered with Pastore Rino who is radical in believing that God will use him in Signs and Wonders to change all of the region that he lives in. I love this in a Man called of God! I ministered one night with Pastore Fabrizio and was overwhelmed with the “Double Anointing” in this city of Bisceglie that I have never been in before. Leaving Bari, Ruth and I ministered with my “Old Friend” Francesco Cerabona in Taranto which is one of the high-lights of this trip. Intrepreter Lia Massela was such an instrument used by God to help me in two services that God moved mightily.

Pastore Silvano Zucchi was wonderful in coordinating the meetings and also an encouragement in the Prophesy that God has for Italy. I prayed for cancer in Katarina one night before the service and I believe that God will answer her and our prayers. From Bari, Ruth and I flew to Catania, Sicily and ministered there with Ottavio Prato and Massimo Ciancio. Saturday night was a “Youth Service” that I prayed for two hours for an anointing that would release destiny into the lives of those who were looking for direction and wisdom.

The word says “You shall know the truth and the Truth shall set you free”.

The largest crowd that I had was on Sunday Night in Catania at Chiesa Gesu Christo E’il Signore. 1000 gathered to be ministered to in this service and for hours I prayed and they wo
uld come and come, it seemed endless and I rejoiced over what God did in this night.

From Catania we traveled to Bari, one of my favorite cities on the south coast of Sicily. There Pastore Nunzio Iozza has a great church that is vibrant and affecting this region with a message of hope and power. It was my privilege to minister and speak into the lives of many people. In these services. people who were involved in the Mafia were changed and God spoke release to many that were bound in strongholds that were broken by the power of God and His Kingdom. Then to travel to minister two nights with Mauro Cangemi and pastore Davidde Barresi in Trapani this was a great two nights of basking in the presence of the Lord. I miss these days even as I write about them.

Yes, I am at home in Italy, God has given me the heart and I am so blessed with this assignment. From Trapani we flew to Milano and rented a car to minister with my friend of forty years Walter Fehr of Lugano Switzerland. He has stepped out in faith to start a new church is already growing with young people and has a great future in this region. My last ministry was with Pastore Salvatore Delle Donne in Cassana D”adda, His anniversary Sunday was the High-lite to this wonderful ministry in Italia with other Pastors attending and a special anointing in this service to reveal God’s plan for Italia.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of these days. I know that I have just not told all the details that entail these days of breakthrough in all of the cities that I visited. I praise God and give Him all the glory for these opportunities to speak of His Kingdom. I am blessed!!

His servant, Rev. Larry Orrell